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Our Story


The last few years have brought many people new awareness of our collective societal challenges and the need for multiple perspectives involved in overcoming them.

The solutions of the past have brought us along the path of progress but humanity still has a long way to go.  We each have so much to learn to be our best selves and true allies to each other.

Allies Academy formed to address these needs with compassion, education, and direct connections that are accessible to everyone.

Our Goals


Changing one person so that they can change many is at the core of our philosophy.  Truly sustainable change requires personal connection to both the material and each other.

With a focus on presenting a range of viewpoints, experiences, and knowledge; we can achieve exponential results.  

Intention and clear purpose guide us to create more opportunity, deeper understanding - of ourselves and others - while designing the world we want now and in the future.

Our Community


The global diaspora of beings seeking an evolved personal and societal existence are whom we see as our community members.

Intersectionality affects both marginalization and privilege. The similarities of power and privilege are far greater than the differences.

No matter where they are from, who they are, how they identify, and what they know; everyone ready to work for an equitably just world for all is welcome here. 

Our Expertise


It takes all sorts of folk to improve the world, a wide range of topics need to be explored to expand our perspectives, and intersectional guidance to show us what we don't know.  We have both Guides and Experiential Intersection Experts (EIE)...and some teammates who are both.

Guides lead topic based activities, present multi-intersection information, and skill development opportunities.  EIEs engage practical experience combined with personal expertise and present it all through the lens of their identity's intersections.

Our Future


Everyone wants their pain to end...needs the world to continue...hopes for humanity to evolve.  At Allies Academy we believe that, not only is this possible, but inevitable if we focus on people before policy.

We can see a brighter future than the one we currently face...a sustainable world brought to fruition by new ways of interacting, enhanced perspectives, and shared commitment to growth.

By doing this work with integrity and truth we hope to help everyone see it too.

Our Feedback


Let us know what you think and how we are doing...we'll post it here.

Adaptation is how humanity has survived this long and we are committed to continual review for consistent improvement.

Our Guides

Yvette Robertson



Intersectionality, Language and Cultural Competence specialist

Robin Arkell


International Scholar, Author, Youth Organizer, Free thinker

Sharrianna Rice



International Educator, Marginalization Mitigator, Intersectional Inclusivity Consultant,  Anti-Oppression Activist

Auntie Kim


Writer, Researcher, Truth Seeker, & Dominant Culture Disrupter

Monica Rice


Health and  Nutrition specialist, Personal Revitalisation Expert, Integrative Wellness Coach, and Movement Practice educator 

Tony Heric


Bi-national, Purveyor of compassion, Pro-humanity anti-marginalisation activist, and bi-lingual translator

Our Experiential Intersection Experts

Ben Corwin


Political Organizer, Entrepreneur, Mental Rehabilitation Specialist, Bisexual, Jewish Anti-Oppression Activist, Sex Positivity & Kink Expert

Dusty Whistles


Multicultural, Multilingual, Multinational eNBy Trans femme, Performance Artist, Intersectional specialist and Trans Activist and Advocay expert

Erica Mercado, PhD


Indigenous and Latinx Activist, Marginalized Student Success specialist, Culturally Responsive Teaching expert, Educator, Diversity & Inclusion Professional, and Tribal Higher Education Professional

Graeme Seabrook


Writer, Community Organiser, Self-Care specialist, Motherhood Coach, Mental Health Advocate, Postpartum Depression expert

Ian Frank


Photo-Journalist, Black Disabled Veteran, Documentarian, Artist, Visual Storyteller, Activist,  De-weaponizer of Whiteness

Paul Gorski


 Author, Educator, Consultant, Scholar, Organizational Equity Expert, Movement Builder, Activist Burnout Specialist 

James Ka'amoku Moulds


Indigenous Hawaiian involved in the struggle against oppressive and colonial systems for 20 years.  Specializing in Native and LGBT rights.

Logan McGeary


Bajan British Bi-cultural, physically disabled, wheel chair user with expertise in strategies for navigating an ableist world.

Sammie Bridgewater-Phillips


Writer, Teller of Tough Truths, Creator of Sammie K-isms, Pro-Black Anti-Oppressionist, Decolonized Bad-Ass

Tabias Olajuawon, JD


A BlaQueer creator, author, advocate and legal scholar. They have broad expertise in the intersections and compounded effects of race, law, sexuality, and gender in the US. They are currently a PhD student in African & African Diaspora Studies. 

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