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Wherever humanity loves to learn and learns to love is a place of great progress.

We all want the world to be a better place but learning how to enact tangible change, in ourselves and others, is challenging.

The Allies Academy is here to make it a little easier by providing the education and guidance crucial to authentic understanding and the supportive engagement neccessary for growth.

Here we are both a learning organization  and a cohort of beings with a common desire to improve our individual allyship for the betterment of the global community.

Personalized Pathways


You can't know what you don't know....but you CAN choose what you want and need to know.

With all of our offerings being web based interactive live streams, you can engage from wherever you have internet service or by phone if that is your preferred option.

Dabble or dive deeply, one competence or several, an hour or months, private or public...all of the choices are yours to make.  

So many choices might be a bit overwhelming so we have some suggested pathways, if you want a little guidance planning your growth.  You can always contact us directly to help you design the exact experience you are seeking.

Engagement Expectations


An individual's experiences, needs, attitudes, and agendas are entitled to respect and serve the unique ways that we each learn and grow. A community focused on personal development and social evolution requires minimal rigid structures so we have comprehensive guidelines that encourage the expression of personal truth without concern for societal repercussions.

Here we encourage open minds, civil discourse,  personal expression, impersonal discussion, and debate while providing a non-threatening space in which we can all thrive.  No one is required to engage in ways that would limit choice nor give attention to anything without consent.

Respect and courtesy to one another coupled with enthusiastic attention given to the material and presenters is all the commitment required.

Thus we ensure maintaining a place that is beneficial to all and detrimental to none.

Community Connections


These organizations and services align with the Allies Academy values, are equitable and supportive to all persons, and operate with the conscientious quality our community deserves.

Ian Frank Gallery  Art prints & Photography www.thirdeyejourney.com

Didi Delgado  Anti-racism writings & more


Tabias Olajuawon   BlaQueer content


EdChange   Educational Organizational  Resources for Equity and Social Justice 


Empowering Motherhood Resources


Share the Wealth


Personal Reparations are a way to begin the massive undertaking of the restoration process when a societal debt is owed.  A chance to start offsetting marginalization in a small but tangible way.

If you'd like to help redress these imbalances you can do so right here.  Donate a little or a lot, give once or every week...it ALL helps.

With your donations Allies Academy will  

be able to provide free and subsidized services/seats for those with genuine need and create free content for all. 

To donate you can hit the button below or choose the Share The Wealth option at the bottom of the Bookings page.

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Personal Reparations

Your support and contributions will enable us to extend our mission, of creating a better world, to those most marginalized.   Every donation goes directly to providing free public sessions, private services, and accessibility options to those for whom cost would be prohibitive.  

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